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When you enter the kitchen in the early hours, what’s the very first thing you do? Switch to the coffee maker for a caffeine jolt to wake you up? Have the juicer to make fresh juice? Set the toaster to fix yourself a yummy sandwich? You get the picture, right? Whether we are creating rotis for breakfast or grinding masala for supper we use a lot of appliances throughout our daily life to make our time at the kitchen convenient and short. And with so many kitchen appliances making a way into our kitchen, our own lives are definitely changing permanently.

From toasters, water heaters and induction cooktops to hand blenders, microwaves and atmosphere fryers, these gadgets need some power to operate and are collectively called appliances. If it concerns the appliances we use in our kitchens, we can broadly classify them into two classes based on their effectiveness and usage: the must-haves and the good-to-haves.

Must-have Appliances in the Kitchen

Gone are the days when girls used to labor day in and day out in the kitchen. Today, girls no longer have to stay within the kitchen the whole day, and can spend more time doing what they really love to perform, all thanks to kitchen appliances. Here’s a listing of a few appliances that will make cooking as easy and hassle-free as you can.

Juicers and Mixer Grinders – It’s time to put your old mortar and pestle away. From fresh pesto for pizza to rice batter for dosa, grind everything in only a matter of minutes with mixer grinder. The juicer will allow you to create fresh juices from fruits and veggies, which are not merely tasty but healthy too.

Water Purifiers – Nowadays, you have to be somewhat careful about the water that you and your family beverages. An efficient water purifier won’t just make sure that the water you drink is pure but also make sure it is tasty.